Launching Self-Hosted Site

Since I had been blogging for over a year and getting more consistent, I really wanted to invest in my blogging journey.

Life Update of September 2020

So, I’m finally back in Charlottesville. I was supposed to write a post updating you all on the fact that UVA pushed back its move in date and that’s why I didn’t have a dorm tour for August. This post isn’t a dorm tour because, well, my dorm isn’t quite ready.

Social Media + the Lives We Live

Social media has always been a source of enjoyment and despair for me. I love looking into other people’s lives - getting to see how they spend their time, what they love to do, and how they do what they love. I’ve never been fishing but through a screen, I get to see what the experience is like. There are night owls and early birds, there are the athletic and sedentary and we all have an opportunity to share our lives with one another. Oftentimes, this is a beautiful thing.

How to Improve Time Management as a College Student

As a college student, I’ve had no choice. I’ve had to figure out this whole time management. In between classes, 3 organizations, this blog, friends, my mental health, and whatever else you can think of, I have to do homework, study, and enjoy my time at UVA. I have a long list of tips to share with you all. Tell me in the comments which of these do you use.

How to get through a hard day

Life in quarantine hasn’t been great.

Lately I’ve been hit with some disappointment about my 3rd year and being at home for so long. My mood has been so low that sometimes I don’t really have the desire or energy to do anything.

Living the Good Life

"It's been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will." ― Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables   Lately,  I’ve been chewing on the idea that I want to live a good life. Not a great one. Not one with tons of fireworks … Continue reading Living the Good Life

Rivers & Change

Even for the few days August has arrived, she has come with a heat all on her own. She leads many to porches and backyards, eager for a breeze and fighting off the mosquitos that are desperate to take their land back.

books & songs in quarantine

I love reading books and I love listening to music. For the most part, I try to stick to reflection, intentional living, and college posts on the blog. But every once in a while, I’ll get super into something and I want to share it. I’ve decided to start a new series: books & songs. … Continue reading books & songs in quarantine

Why avoiding commitment leads to decision fatigue

Most of your choices you never even think about. They’re automatic. You reach for your phone when you first wake up. You head to the kitchen and make coffee (or tea - if you have taste lol).

3 Ways Uncertainty Changes Your Mindset

The uncertainty of this time feels scary and out of control.

*cue thunderstorms in the background*

I’m not trying to be dramatic, but especially since the world’s gone upside down, it’s so hard to make any decisions. I keep checking my email, waiting for something to change.

Longing and Yearning

Maybe some people aren’t like this, but I spend a lot of time in the past, some time in the future, and not nearly enough time in the present.

Life these days is shaping up to make me even more like this. Dreaming of classes full of students, off campus trips downtown, and weekends away from Cville. Dreaming backwards. 

What I’ve Learned From Journaling

I have been journaling for the past 5 years. It’s been a WILD journey. I wasn’t consistent at first, but I grew to love it, made it a New Year’s Resolution to do it everyday, and now it’s a part of my everyday life. There’s definitely a lot that I have learned from journaling and I have a ton of posts where I mention how much it has added to my life. Despite how many What I’ve Learned posts I have written, I haven’t written about journaling yet.

How to choose between two paths in life

I often feel a sense of dread when people ask me about the future. I’m not some genie or fortune teller, eager to tell stories of the upcoming year with ease and laughter. I am the girl who is more afraid of the unknown than I am afraid of most things. 

Slow Living Habits

In quarantine, we have an opportunity to live differently than before. We have the option to do less or to live at a less hurried pace. Even for those with children and work right now, every day doesn’t have to be a sprint. We can choose the pace at which we live in order to add more peace into our lives. 

we cannot be silent

Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan. I know that’s not what you want to hear. But everyone has been feeling that. The worldwide pandemic that has upended all of our lives - to where we’re stuck inside, holding on to the safety of our friends and family to keep us going. The black men … Continue reading we cannot be silent

What I’ve Learned From Podcasts – Edition 2

Often as I walk around Grounds to go to class or head off to the library, my headphones are tuned in to my latest obsession at the moment - podcasts. Now that we're stuck inside, whenever I take a walk, I listen to a podcast - to learn more about the word and my place … Continue reading What I’ve Learned From Podcasts – Edition 2

Books for an Intentional Life

Are you worn out? Are you weary? Check out some books to get your life on track. Learn how to rest and be more intentional with the life you're living.

Reflection on Second Year

College. The time of your life. Where you meet your best friends, where you have your late night adventures. Where you figure the next few years of your life. Second year ended early due to the school shutdown and I returned home to New York, where I have been finishing up classes and trying to … Continue reading Reflection on Second Year

Romanticize Your Life

In the dull moments, where life gets repetitive and things are just not exciting, like quarantine right now, it’s easy to wish time away and hope it would all end. However, considering how we would all love for our friends and family to remain safe and healthy, the possibility of a lifted quarantine will remain … Continue reading Romanticize Your Life

Feelings are okay

Right before my big trip back to Virginia for spring semester began, I was overcome with emotion. I had traveled to school on my own before. I had been apart from my parents for many months. I had just spent a month with them for winter break and a few tears fell from my cheeks, … Continue reading Feelings are okay

Destination Addiction

My generation has a new addiction. With shiny smart phones, fancy laptops, and all the other technological dreams we could ever need, our instant gratification problem has lent itself to the destination addiction. A likely scenario in your childhood - When you were a little kid, your parents may have taken you along for a … Continue reading Destination Addiction

What I’ve Learned in March 2020 Part 2

As promised, I have returned with part 2 of what I’ve learned from March 2020. More Lessons While this seems like the best time to be productive, give yourself grace. In this extra time found in the confines of our homes, we enter one of two tendencies - the sense to be uber productive or … Continue reading What I’ve Learned in March 2020 Part 2

What I’ve Learned From March 2020

This last month has been so strange and it has taught me a lot as our lives turn into the quarantine rhythm. At the beginning of the month, I was so excited about spring break and I had one more week to get through in order to get to rest. When spring break got interrupted, … Continue reading What I’ve Learned From March 2020

From Grief to Healing

“When things break, it's not the actual breaking that prevents them from getting back together again. It's because a little piece gets lost - the two remaining ends couldn't fit together even if they wanted to. The whole shape has changed.” ― John Green & David Leviathan, Will Grayson, Will Grayson     Life is … Continue reading From Grief to Healing

Why reflection is necessary right now

In this time of Facetime calls and working from home, we are disrupted from our regular routines. All the plans we had made are erased and swept away as the Coronavirus sweeps across the nation. This is an unprecedented time. That statement may not feel real, but there are not many people who have lived … Continue reading Why reflection is necessary right now

Movies, Shows, and Podcasts for Social Distancing

While we are all feeling the effects of COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, we need to take precautions seriously. Since my university shut down classes and extended spring break for a period of time, this is a great time to begin practicing social distancing. This is a good time to catch up on sleep or different … Continue reading Movies, Shows, and Podcasts for Social Distancing

Reaction to School Shutdown

So with my life update, I updated it mentioning how I had to go home given the shutdown of UVA, and the school saying how it decided to move classes online until further notice. The decision of whether or not students would return to Grounds was supposed to be reviewed by April 5th, however last … Continue reading Reaction to School Shutdown

A Strange Spring Break

I started off the weekend in Charlottesville, and my parents had come to visit me. We took a lovely trip to Kroger, where I saw a funny display of a rabbit. I am always really impressed by the people who do these kinds of things. I am just grateful that someone took their time and … Continue reading A Strange Spring Break

Life Update of March 2020

It's spring break for UVA students, and I've been spending it by volunteering at middle schools, tutoring kids. It's the middle of the semester - spring 2020. Feelings - it's all going by so quickly. My time here at UVA - I've never quite felt settled. I've been happy, I've been sad, I've been lonely, … Continue reading Life Update of March 2020

20 Second Century

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot across the internet about books that have come out recently. To Hell with the Hustle and the Ruthless Elimination of Hurry and Less is More. I’ve heard about these books from Youtube and Instagram and podcasts. This idea that we need to slow down and declutter our lives has … Continue reading 20 Second Century

Where do we find love?

Love is everywhere. It’s in the embrace of friends, it’s in the first moment of holding hands, it’s in mother’s kiss to her son’s cheek. It’s been in the air before Valentine’s day and it won’t stop after. Love and the potential of love is such a beautiful thing to be aware of. Love comes … Continue reading Where do we find love?

who do you let in?

A few months ago, I heard this story on Invisibilia. I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts but none like this before. None where the story returned to my mind, days and weeks later. Wondering about what the meaning is - Who do you let in? In our society, it’s not hard to tell we … Continue reading who do you let in?


Lately I’ve been reading a lot of YA books. I know they are fiction but characters can feel so real - their mannerisms, their figures of speech. My imagination brings them to life. But after a good read, with a happy ending, I always come back to my own reality. The realness of it. I … Continue reading Hopelessness

Reset Guide

Every now and again, you need to reset. You need to start over. When you feel like you’ve been living life doing the same things over and over, when you feel stressed out and overwhelmed, when you feel like your brain is a mess, you need a reset. Oftentimes, we get busy and into a … Continue reading Reset Guide

Weekend in my life: NDCC 2020 Edition

Hey friends! This blog post is about my past weekend spent in Indiana at the Kelley Business School for a case competition representing UVA. I woke up at 4:30 because I had to meet my group by 5:30 and I needed some time to get to our business school. I was there first and low … Continue reading Weekend in my life: NDCC 2020 Edition

Deep Questions from the Web

Hey friends! I’ve recently been scrolling through the world wide web as one does, and I found some really interesting questions I wanted to ponder with you all. Instead of answering standard questions for you to learn a little more about me, I figured you all could get to know what I think and believe … Continue reading Deep Questions from the Web

Letter to 2020

Dear 2020,  I have no idea what you have in store for me. I know that I’m going to Indiana the first weekend of school, but other than that, there’s a blank hole. And where’s uncertainty, in me, there is fear. So I’m trying to be excited by doing all the “New Year, New Me” … Continue reading Letter to 2020

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

Guess what? It’s my favorite time of the year again. And yes, I am saying that after Christmas has passed. New Year’s is my favorite time of the year because people are filled with hope and are looking forward to a fresh start filled with possibility.  As I am gearing up for 2020, I wanted … Continue reading My New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

One Year Blog Anniversary

Friends, this blog post is an exciting one! It’s been an entire year since the beginning of this blog, Studying Life with Gigi. And it has grown to a place I never could have imagined. You all who comment and like on these posts mean the world to me! I just want to thank you … Continue reading One Year Blog Anniversary

Reflection on my second year first semester

Currently I am at home, relaxing after finishing four final exams in Charlottesville. I took an Amtrak for 7 hours and ended up at home, here in New York. While there are some downsides to being home (I seriously miss my mattress topper), it’s great to be back in the Big Apple, rejuvenating and recovering … Continue reading Reflection on my second year first semester

What I’ve Learned From 2019 & 2019 Highlights

This year has been a wild ride. It’s the end of the decade. It’s the 10th year anniversary to 2009, which had some amazing music. Did someone just mention Kelly Clarkson? Just me, okay. I’ve just spent the last few days looking at the three journals which contains the span of Jan 2019 to now, … Continue reading What I’ve Learned From 2019 & 2019 Highlights

Why do we like sharing our lives online?

These days, everyone is on social media, creating content, posting memes, or taking that dog filter selfie. Creating videos, taking pictures, and posting it to the Internet has become the norm, and not the anomaly.  If you have a phone, or even a computer, you are likely to have one form of social media, if … Continue reading Why do we like sharing our lives online?

Who are you?

The question Who am I? It’s such a loaded question - it’s so unfair to be asked. I know that I am more than the sum of certain characteristics - brown eyes, bookworm, there’s just more to me than these ideas in a composite form. But I don’t know who I am. I know sometimes … Continue reading Who are you?

Favorites: Podcast Edition

Favorites: Podcast Edition -- get some recommendations and send some my way!

Why I Journal + Journaling Prompts

Beginning the journey   I started journaling in 2015, kind of on a whim. I’m not even sure why I started. I just remember that my aunt took me to the store and I saw this notebook I liked with “Trust in the Lord” on it. Although I went to church with my parents and … Continue reading Why I Journal + Journaling Prompts

Self-doubt and Impostor Syndrome

Hey! It’s me, the one who has a face mask right now and is still in school clothes, the one who has decided a blog post should be written. Here I am typing to you across the webverse on my little corner of the Internet. I have been struggling with school lately, and it’s some … Continue reading Self-doubt and Impostor Syndrome

Give Her Grace

During this semester, I was struggling in my French class. I had just received a low grade on one of my exams, and I was feeling stressed. One of my dormmates consoled me and encouraged me. “It’s just one bad grade. You have so many other chances to improve,” she said. In my journal, I’ve … Continue reading Give Her Grace

Loneliness & Friendship Studying Life with Gigi

Loneliness and Friendship

Walking into the dining hall can be anxiety inducing. After a long day of classes, you are ready to shove some food in your mouth and that’s the only thing on your mind. After settling down with whatever you’ve decided was edible, you look around and find the same situation - you are alone. After … Continue reading Loneliness and Friendship

Life in Lockdown – July 2020

It's been a hot minute since I've written a life update. Given that I'm still in quarantine, you have to wonder what the heck I have to update you on. Well, there are plenty of things that have changed. I finished Zoom University online for the spring semester, getting the best grades I've seen since I started at UVA. I have since had about a month to relax and work on my own side projects. As of now, I have started summer online classes, taking Media Ethics, Podcrash, Writing for Television, and Multimedia Production. I'm only taking two classes at once and I am also doing an internship, learning about dialogue and how to navigate difficult conversations with people who are in conflict with one another.

Mastering Life in the Mundane

In the age of technology, we know the celebrities in a way we didn’t before. We can now see Kylie Jenner on her luxury vacation via her Snapchat or hear the political views of Trump via Twitter...As much as we live for the moments that set our souls on fire, we have to realize that not every waking moment is like that.