Saying “I don’t know”

Have you ever been in a math class, where the teacher has been going on for some time about how to find the p-value or the best method for sampling a group of people, and yet, it's like Stephen Hawking has come to talk to you about quantum physics? It's bad when you don't understand … Continue reading Saying “I don’t know”

A Day in the Life of an Editorial Intern

For a brief life update, I wanted to put together this day in the life so that you guys know what I’ve been up to, after being home for the summer. I currently work as an Editorial intern, writing content for the company, aiding in creating social media posts and writing for the newsletter.  8 … Continue reading A Day in the Life of an Editorial Intern

Bloom Where you are Planted

I feel like this generation has been caught up with the future. Our parents ask us who we want to be, and we start compartmentalizing our likes and dislikes, thinking our careers are these series of steps leading to the end of the finish line.  In every season of life, sometimes all we do is … Continue reading Bloom Where you are Planted

Decisionmaking & Kevin Brockmeier

“Sometimes you imagine that everything could have been different for you, that if only you had gone right one day when you chose to go left, you would be living a life you never anticipated. But at other times you think there was no other way forward--that you were bound to end up exactly where … Continue reading Decisionmaking & Kevin Brockmeier

Define your worth

What defines your worth

Worth. It takes me back to thinking about that famous quote from Perks of Being a Wallflower. Charlie asks the professor “Why do nice people choose the wrong people to date?” His teacher answers, “We accept the love we think we deserve.” Here, at the root of this acceptance is the idea of worth. We … Continue reading What defines your worth

Make Progress on Your Dreams

Why Not Me?: A Guide to Make Progress on Your Dreams

Some motivation to get out of your mid-year slump: Reflect on your resolutions It’s currently the 29th of June. We’re officially on the cusp of the 2nd half of the year! Where did the time go?  This is the perfect time to look back on your New Year’s Resolutions and see how far you’ve come. … Continue reading Why Not Me?: A Guide to Make Progress on Your Dreams

Daily habits for self-care

Take care of yourself. Try some of these daily habits for self-care.

Reflection on my first year of college + Tips for freshmen year

I have been home for almost a month. I have gone into Manhattan a few times, but I’ve just been blogging, cleaning, and organizing all my belongings while I’m in New York City for the next three months. Last year, at this time, I was desperately looking forward to my final year of high school … Continue reading Reflection on my first year of college + Tips for freshmen year

Writer’s Block and Other Things

Here I am again, after an unscheduled hiatus returning to the thing I love. You’d think that if I loved it so much, I’d have blog posts out daily, I’d be shouting my love for the blog on rooftops (or more likely, social media), I’d be utterly consumed by writing posts, creating graphics, all the … Continue reading Writer’s Block and Other Things

What’s the state of your soul?

I am lying down on my bed, typing this out. I have only just recently entered into my summer vacation, and after a year of school, all the hard questions have sort of come out of me. In the midst of the homework assignments, late nights, and club meetings to attend, I haven’t had time … Continue reading What’s the state of your soul?

Curation Culture

Our society is obsessed with our visual aesthetic. In my Media Studies class, we studied the eras of media and how that has shaped the society we’re in. In the past, we had an oral culture move to print to radio and now to electronic. Now more than ever, we are a visual society. We … Continue reading Curation Culture

Why happy?

One of John Lennon’s best quotes is about the key to life: This is one of the many ways in culture, it seems we are all seeking happy. As millennials, we are job hopping at high rates. Hookup culture is rampant because we can’t commit to the person that isn’t 100% perfect. We look to … Continue reading Why happy?

Life Update

Hey y’all! Long time, no blog. It’s been quite a minute since I sat and talked with you all, and so I just wanted to write an update letting you all know how I’ve been. I am currently at home in New York City. The weather has been amazing here. I finished my freshman year … Continue reading Life Update

When You’re Feeling Lost, Read This

Lately in the middle of the hustle and bustle of college, I’ve been feeling kind of lost. It’s like I’ve been wandering around, in the dark, grasping and striving for something to all make sense, for my college experience to click together perfectly. I know that have plenty of posts about embracing the present and … Continue reading When You’re Feeling Lost, Read This

Being Uncertain

Last weekend, I went away to northern Virginia. My 2 and ½ hour ride led to me to a place in which I encountered a high ropes course. I had done a course like this before, but this one felt ominous. Still, I felt confident on the ground that I would be able to do … Continue reading Being Uncertain

The Importance of Rest

In today’s society, we are so eager to be productive.  I know it seems hypocritical that I’ve just written a post on how to stay productive and am now criticizing productivity in the world. I believe we should be productive. However, there’s something to be said for taking a break, for settling in and looking … Continue reading The Importance of Rest

Life Update of January 2019

I’m currently in my 3rd week in my 2nd semester of first year. It’s the most unreal thing to be back and yet it feels as natural as ever (if that makes any sense). This month my music taste kind of reverted to my high school self. For most of high school. I really liked … Continue reading Life Update of January 2019

Blogger at her desk typing away at her Macbook and phone writing a blog post.

Beginning at the end

What does it mean to start at the end? “If there’s a future, we want it NOW!” - Now by Paramore It’s December and I made it my New Year’s resolution in 2018 to make a blog and be consistent with it for the year. As I said before, it’s December. However, before you start judging … Continue reading Beginning at the end